Ana Afonso (Lisbon, 1977)

I’m a visual storyteller.
I live in Lisbon, which is my “home sweet home” for family, inspiration and running.
I’ve been drawing since I was a child, but I can remember ‘serious’ Illustration begun as a hobby when I was a teenager and my brother showed me a contest in this junior newspaper section of “Diário de Notícias”. I ended up winning a 2nd place and several books as prize… Before I knew, it became a weekly addictive routine that gave me books and published work on a regular basis.
After graduation, digital image treatment software came along and I learned how these skills could improve my work. A computer, a Wacom and curiosity took me from doing illustrations in books and magazines to the place were I’m at - doing layout and illustration for commissioned picture books.
I believe we all have a purpose - something to share, show, tell. This images/picturebooks world I’ve chosen suits me quite well to accomplish my personal goals, but wait, that’s… that’s another story.