Childrens Books - Raposa Azul - 1
“O Lobo Prateado” | Caminho Publisher | Illustration and layout | Hand drawing and digital collage | 2010

Who reads the stories invented for centuries quickly realises that behind different characters and places there are common situations. The message is simple. Humanity is only one and human beings, whether they live in the countryside or in the city, in the mountains or on the desert region or in the jungle, have concerns, dreams, very similar desires and joys. In order to highlight these similarities and differences, the authors gathered 16 stories from 16 countries and grouped them in sets of 8 stories for two books, “A Raposa Azul” (The Blue Fox) and “O Lobo Prateado” (The Silver Wolf).
Discovering these and other similarities helps to understand that the traditional stories involve universal messages. As they acquire a universal cultural literacy children can be inspired by these virtual journeys and better understand of how equal we are ir our differences.