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These are "me, myself and I" projects  - free from commission or compromise :)
Some end up being published (like The Goddess in Youothers just live online (like My CMYK personality)
All of them come for a need to explore and grow out of children's book publishing (the professional and comfort zone)
The book is for sale here: Amazon ///  my store (with a totebag) 
2017 is becoming be more of a bike & goddesses year as my knees start to complain from long distance running and I start to be more conscious about the necessity to empower girls and woman...
Women, Bicycle, Sunrises, Nature, Water, Swimming, Balance, Animals, Zoomorphic people... that's were I'm going right now.
_ Pro Bono projects is what I've done to help institutions that help others.
_ My Cmyk Personality is a one year project where I drew every Tuesday of 2014 for a blog and a Facebook page, a caricature of myself and the way I felt in various occasions about politics, rain, sun, work, being a girl etc...
Fanzines show how I feel about Running, and this is the way I still need to go, to tell the world how beautiful life can be if you just... move! get some dopamine in your system to pump up the day.